Erfolgereiche Ernte der Weinreben

People with passion to wine

Fruchtbarer Boden für den Anbau von saftigen Reben

In harmony with nature

Nature’s gifts must be employed with respect and understanding.
The Cantina Bolzano winegrowers have a strong focus on near-natural methods and sustainably managed vineyards. They are committed to treating the soils and vines with the greatest care.

People with passion

In a slow process of maturation the best results are achieved with expert helping hands: daily inspection of the vines, thoughtful pruning, careful thinning – all the little jobs that lay the foundation for a top-quality harvest.


“Wine is bottled poetry.”

Robert Louis Stevenson

Reife Weintrauben auf den Reben

Gentle vinification

For a unique quality wine, time is all important. During months of passionate dedication on the part of our winegrowers, top quality grapes ripen in the generous sun of Alto Adige. After the harvest in autumn, the grapes are brought in and sensitive vinification begins under the watchful eye of our winemaker Stephan Filippi and his team.

  • Winterschnitt der Weinreben
  • Weinbauer mit frischer Erde
  • Weißweintrauben im Sonnenlicht
  • Weinbäuerin beim Ernten der Weintrauben
  • Fruchtige Trauben werden geerntet
  • Sorgfältige Weinlese vom Weinbauern
  • Saftige, frische Weintrauben im Herbst
  • Vorschau der digitalen Weinproduktion
  • Erstellung von Wein in der Kellerei Bozen
  • Lieferung der frischen Weintrauben

    Committed to excellence

    “Making good wines is a craft: making great wines is an art.” The fact that winemaker Stephan Filippi has mastered it is evident not only from the Lagrein Riserva Taber and the two top-class cuvées: the red wine TAL 1908 and the white wine TAL 1930.

    The top wines are aged for up to 12 months in French barriques, or are aged in concrete barrels and then mature in the bottle. You can taste the result in the brilliant fruit, the characteristic aroma of the grape variety, as well as a pronounced substance and richness of facets.

    With long years of experience in winemaking and a passion for the product, he creates unique and distinctive quality wines. Subtle wines that are full of character and very much in keeping with the spirit of the times.
    The many accolades and awards won by the wines of Cantina Bolzano are due in no small part to Stephan Filippi’s intuitive relationship with wine and his commitment to excellence.

    Exzellenz der Kellerei Bozen

    Sustainability & Certifications


    Tradition and modernity

    In 1908, thirty wine growers in Gries decided to form a cooperative in the climatic spa of Gries. Another winemaking cooperative was founded in 1930 by 18 wine growers located around the hill of S. Maddalena. The objective in both cases was to promote local and autochthonous wines. Today the winegrowers’ cooperative has a membership of 224 families with a shared goal: diversity, passion, enjoyment.

    Geschichte Kellerei Bozen 1908


    Geschichte Kellerei Bozen 2001


    Geschichte Kellerei Bozen 2019


    The people behind it

    224 members of the cooperative who are dedicated and passionate about wine-growing. A large family of people who are committed to the cultural landscape that has evolved organically around Bolzano and who attach more importance to quality than quantity. That is who we are. That is Cantina Bolzano.

    A few of our members …

    Philipp Plattner


    Rooted in the soil and looking to the future.

    Open-mindedness and versatility are two striking characteristics of Philipp Plattner. This is not what the new chairman of the Bolzano Winery says about himself; it is how many people see him, both members of the co-operative and non-members and his various business partners. He is also often described as being both rooted in the soil and far-sighted. All of which commands respect – for a man whose foresight and versatility are the product of an impressive wealth of experience and the willingness to always be ready to learn something new. He was never satisfied with the knowledge he acquired at the University of Padua, and Plattner (born 1980) is not only a competent agronomist but also a French-trained oenologist – a man who is constantly learning, who has gathered experience in a wide variety of settings, including Schloss Johannisberg in the Rheingau, Château Beychevelle (a Cru Classé in Bordeaux), and the cellars and laboratories of the Laimburg Research Center, all of which is very much to the benefit of the Bolzano Winery.

    A sustainable development of the brand “Kellerei Bozen” is important for the president, without trowing the existing values overboard. Plattner is also a firm believer in the value of the pioneering guidelines laid down by Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen. At all events, he is determined to remain rooted in the soil, but still to continue to learn. With him, the Bolzano Winery will also be far-sighted, with a focus on both quality and innovation – as the keys to continued success.

    Matthias Messner

    Managing Director

    Team spirit and innovation.

    Matthias Messner has been running the cooperative in collaboration with chief oenologist Stephan Filippi and chairman Philipp Plattner since mid-November 2022. “We have a duty to our 224 members, who do the work out in the vineyards every day,” he says, and he adds: “With the new winery building, we have created a landmark for Bolzano that underlines the importance of winegrowing for the province of Alto Adige.” The earlier generations, “our fathers and grandfathers laid the foundations for success,” says Messner. “Teamwork, growth, making the most of market opportunities and leading our premium product into a successful future – these are my goals.

    Stefan Filippi | Önologe Kellerei Bozen

    Stefan Filippi

    Chief Winemaker

    Winemaking as a passion.

    There cannot be many winemakers with as much knowledge and experience as Stephan Filippi. The Chief Winemaker at Cantina Bolzano took charge of the Maddalena Winery more than three decades ago, when the cooperatives of Santa Maddalena and Gries were still producing their wines separately. Diversity was not the name of the game in the 1980s. The offering comprised just three varieties: Santa Maddalena, Schiava Grigia and Lagrein. Today the new Cantina Bolzano has a diverse range comprising 37 different

    wines made with 15 grape varieties on its shelves, differentiated by site and quality level. And Stephan Filippi has not only found the right touch in the cellars: Together with the cooperative’s wine-growing consultants, he has been able to convince the members to improve the quality of their grapes year after year. The fact that wines from Cantina Bolzano today achieve outstanding scores in many rankings and that the formerly mass-produced Santa Maddalena and Lagrein wines are now internationally acknowledged, award-winning varieties – all that is also his personal achievement. He cannot do otherwise: Wine is Filippi’s passion. And no wonder – his father was the winemaker in Santa Maddalena before him. And guess what his daughter does: She is studying oenology, too – because a passion for wine is infectious, and the Filippis obviously have it in their blood. And Filippi would not be Filippi if he were satisfied with what has been achieved. With selected wine growers, he is working on further quality enhancements in terms of location, soil, and vine density and age in order to consolidate the future and continue the success story of Cantina Bolzano.