TAL 1908. Passion and patience provided the perfect foundations for our first Superior cuvées. A lot of energy and experience, knowledge and commitment went into them. They are the result of years of unceasing research, of tireless experimentation by our winemakers and cellar master, to compose the best grapes into a unique pleasure experience.

We have given our Superior red an equally convincing name: TAL 1908, the founding year of the Gries Winery. Its history is bound up with three rivers, but it is the Talvera that has had the profoundest influence. Bolzano is not called Talvera Town for no reason. Its ancient flood plains have given winegrowers very special soils. These alluvial soils on porphyry offer the ideal foundation, especially for Lagrein, but also for Cabernet and Merlot. With its good permeability to water and its mineral deposits, Bolzano’s volcanic porphyry is one of the keys to wines of character.

The bold idea for this red cuvée is an uncompromising composition of three wines, with careful selection in single vineyards – sun-blessed sites in the Bolzano basin cooled by the winds from the Sarentino Valley and selected vines, which are up to 50 years old and subject to strict yield management as with all our top products.

Chief winemaker Stephan Filippi tells about the TAL 1908 and the TAL 1930 ...

At the same time, nothing is left to chance in the cellar: TAL 1908 is allowed to mature for 12 months in small oak barrels (French barriques) and then aged for 15 months in concrete vats, whose fine pores deliver air, before finally achieving its final finesse in the bottle. Observance of these strict principles in the vineyard and cellar is a prerequisite for the richness of the taste.

„He who is able to enjoy, no longer drinks wine,
but tastes secrets.“

Salvador Dalì

This cuvée will undoubtedly be shrouded in mystery – through the secret of great and special wines. Its complexity is not a question of logic. It must and can be grasped with all the senses. It combines enigma and precision, the magic of the place and the clarity of the number.

Bottled in 2,999 numbered bottles.

The optimum. Our optimum.

Stephan Filippi<br>Winemaker Kellerei Bozen

Stephan Filippi
Winemaker Kellerei Bozen

Tal 1908

CUVÉE 2020

Südtirol • Alto Adige DOC

Color Deep shades of garnet with purple highlights. The fullness of the unique composition remains an impenetrable mystery even for connoisseurs.

Nose A symphony of ripe fruits, especially aromas of raspberries, currants and blackberries, with light notes of pepper and cloves combined with hints of cocoa, graphite and licorice in its depths. All in all, the cuvée has the elegance of an artistic fan.

Palate The TAL 1908 bathes the palate in complex harmony. It has a very pleasant, soft finesse balanced by a mineral freshness and pleasant acidity. It is mildly opulent on the finish.

Grape variety80 % Lagrein, 17 % Cabernet, 3 % Merlot
Cultivating areaGries, Moritzing
FloweringBeginning of May
Harvest date40th week (beginning of October)
Ageing potential15 years and more
Production2,999 bottles
Serving temperature16 °C
Yield3,500 l per hectare
Alcohol14 % vol*
Residual sugar2,5 g/l*
Acidity5,4 gr/l*
Waste separation Capsule: 42 Tin
Bottle Stop: FOR 51 Cork
Bottle: GL 71 Glass
Check your municipality‘s waste collection system

* Depending on the year, the analytical values ​​may vary slightly